Irena Sendler

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. When I first saw a picture of Irena Sendler, she was a little old lady, small and adorable. She looked like she could be someone’s grandma. I had been interested in the Holocaust since I was a teenager and when I learned this woman had joined the Polish... Continue Reading →

A Steadfast Hero: Henry McCord

There are a million and one reasons why I adore the political drama series Madam Secretary, from the gripping and almost eerily prescient story-lines, to the FANTASTIC scripts that give us profound moments one minute and have us grinning like idiots the next, to the brilliant cast and the characters they play who easily steal... Continue Reading →

The Founding Fathers: Imperfect Heroes

America has always been a dream its citizens strive for, more than a reality. The ideals behind her are good ones (liberty and the right to pursue happiness!). And although she has never been (and never will be) perfect because of the flawed people who call her home, that doesn’t really matter. She is still... Continue Reading →

July / August 2021: Heroes

What does heroism mean to you? Do you see a family member as heroic, for fighting cancer? Do you look to the pages of history to find heroes who championed causes? Do you look up to someone in your life, who is making a difference? Or do you prefer to find your heroes on the... Continue Reading →

Maveth: Planet of Death

The science fiction genre gives readers (and viewers) great opportunities to explore planets—both real and fictional. Star Wars is especially famous for transporting its fans to dozens upon dozens of different worlds that are as unique and beautiful as those of our own galaxy. But for me, one of the most intriguing, fascinating fictional planets... Continue Reading →

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