How to Make a Great Adaptation 101: Clueless

Good adaptations are scarce. A lot tend to either completely rewrite the source material or cannot do it any kind of justice. And Clueless could have been another in a long list of failures. Here’s my list of reasons it’s not only a near perfect adaption but has earned its place as a 90s classic.... Continue Reading →

March / April 2021: Memorable 90s Movies

Whether you skated through the 90s as an adult, came of age during them, or weren’t born yet, there’s no denying that some of the most memorable films have stood the test of time and still remain crowd favorites to this day. The 90s had a lot of patterns—bratty kids who pull one over on... Continue Reading →

The March Sisters

The American classic Little Women has had a resurgence in popularity. Since the latest adaptation, it has developed a new following and Orchard House, the home of Louisa May Alcott, has received more visitors as of late than in previous decades. I hadn’t picked up Little Women in a decade and recently reread it. Not... Continue Reading →

Bonding Time: Frequency and Family

Losing a parent is a formative event in a person’s life, separating everything that came before from everything that comes after. The degree of this feeling must increase exponentially if someone is a child when this happens, instead of being an adult as I was when my dad passed away. Films and TV shows often... Continue Reading →

It Runs in the Family: Blue Bloods

Blue Bloods follows a family of New York cops as they face the difficulties of political and social issues, criminal activities, and… teaching their teenagers how to drive. Each episode features at least one scene of this close-knit Catholic family seated around the dinner table, talking out the week’s activities and receiving wisdom from one... Continue Reading →

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