My “Twoo Wuv” of The Princess Bride

When a person latches onto a piece of entertainment emotionally, the reasons are usually personal. However, when that particular piece of entertainment is also a high-quality example of its medium, then its appeal has the potential to become universal. Large audiences will enjoy the story over and over again, then pass it on to future... Continue Reading →

A Vie en Rose

When I learned this issue’s theme was “Stories & Things I Love,” my mind went blank. Not because I don’t have things to love, but because I love too many things to settle on a topic. And then it came to me, a song I love: “La Vie En Rose.” And I knew that was... Continue Reading →

A Time for American Heroes: The West Wing

“They say a good man can’t get elected president. I don’t believe that. Do you?” This line is just one of many great moments from my favorite television series, Aaron Sorkin’s The West Wing. Yet it summarizes the show beautifully. The West Wing is all about faith… faith that good people can make a difference.... Continue Reading →

Trixie Belden

I was ten years old when I first discovered Trixie Belden. I’d read a few Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books, but when I met Trixie, I fell head over heels in love with her, her sometimes-annoying little brother, and her best friend, Honey. She seemed so real and the adventures she, her friends, and... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Geeky Thing

My hometown of San Diego, CA is home to many things—the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park, Sea World San Diego, the San Diego Padres baseball team, and miles of beautiful beaches that bring much needed relief from the summer heat. It is also the originator of the “California Burrito,” a carne asada burrito stuffed... Continue Reading →


Dark, mature, and complex, while also still keeping a decent sense of humor, Nikita revolves around the existence of Division, a secret government-funded organization who recruits young people from prison or the street, faking their deaths and training them to be spies and assassins. Originally founded by a group called Oversight for black ops missions,... Continue Reading →

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