The Holocaust in Children’s Literature

MAY / JUNE 2013: BY LYDIA JACOBS The Holocaust is probably one of the most difficult historical events to explain to children today. They know it was a horrible thing that happened a long time ago, but have no idea how it relates to them. Because it’s such a difficult subject to talk about, many... Continue Reading →


A Girl Named Cat

MAY / JUNE 2013: BY TASHA BRANDSTATTER 18th-century London. Full of gangs, thieves, slavers, aristocrats, business men, writers, political cartoonists, and radicals—and the orphan Cat Royal get to meet them all. She was abandoned as a baby on the steps of the Royal Theater in Drury Lane, and grew up with the theater manager for... Continue Reading →

Tomboy Lady

MAY / JUNE 2013: BY LAURA F. Rites of passage from childhood to adulthood vary by era and culture. For some, a task must be accomplished; for others, a skill set must be learned; for yet others, an age limit must be passed. In pioneer America, a combination of age and acquired skills were required.... Continue Reading →

The Melendys

MAY / JUNE 2013: BY CHRISTY McDOUGALL When I first met the Melendys, Randy Melendy’s bike was carrying her out of control down a hill and into the back of a bus, resulting in an encounter with an alligator in a bathtub and a plateful of doughnuts. At the time (I was about seven), the... Continue Reading →

Little Women

MAY / JUNE 2013: BY VERONICA LEIGH Every girl remembers when she came across that literary heroine she connected personally with. My introduction occurred in the spring of 2000, at a church yard sale. My mother, sister and I were assisting with the sale and while we were there, we stumbled on a few interesting... Continue Reading →

A Historical Epic

MAY / JUNE 2013: BY TRYNTSJE CUPERUS Growing up in The Netherlands, I didn’t know of most of the books in this issue until I started reading English in my early twenties. We had our own array of children’s literature. Among those, the books of Thea Beckman were a very important part of my early... Continue Reading →

Becoming Jess

MAY / JUNE 2013: BY CAROL STARKEY “That’s just a kid’s book.” I’ve heard this phrase uttered with contempt, as though the story hidden between the covers offers nothing but nonsense to anyone under the age of ten. But if you take a peek inside many children’s books, whether a picture book or a novel... Continue Reading →

Scars & Cares: The Witches

MAY / JUNE 2013: BY RACHEL SEXTON The best of children’s literature has all the qualities of all good writing but also does something special. A truly great novel for children respects them. I don’t mean it’s appropriate for their age, though that’s true; the writing acknowledges the particular feelings of kids while not speaking... Continue Reading →

Revisiting Narnia

MAY / JUNE 2013: BY EMILY CALLAHAN All my life, I’ve recalled my summers by what I read. Every summer has its own “theme.” When I was seven it was Pride & Prejudice, eight was Anne of Green Gables, fourteen was Little Women. Many summers were devoted to Harry Potter and my most recent book-of-the-summer... Continue Reading →

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