From the Editor: Wartime Heroes


In this issue we have some truly awesome stuff for you to read! Many of my brand new columnists make their premiere in these pages and in each new issue you can look forward to sections on Literature, Art, History, Classic Film, and Pop Culture.

I chose this theme (the 1930’s and ‘40’s) because I wanted to explore the era of WWII but avoid making the issue morbid as a result. It was an important, terrible time in history and even in the summer when we are all enjoying the sunshine and iced lemonade, wartime is depressing. So within these pages, we will touch on the war but also on fun topics…like the abdication and a reluctant king who enlisted a speech therapist, the high fashion of the age, a young woman uncertain of what she wants, the romances of wartime, the rivalries and friendships of the Upstairs and Downstairs lot, and of course the most famous book and film of the 1930’s. I will give you a hint: “Frankly, Scarlett…”

To the right you will see three Hollywood actors that abandoned their careers to join branches of the military and serve overseas: Clark Gable, Leslie Howard, and Jimmy Stewart. Two were fortunate enough to return but the third, Howard, died a hero when his plane was shot down by the Germans. He had made numerous successful runs overseas and speculation about the true cause of his death is still rampant to this day; it is unknown if the enemy was targeting him or under the mistaken assumption that Churchill was aboard!

Many more men whose names we will never know except for those who loved and lived with them gave their lives in that bitter battle for freedom, and millions more men and women worldwide serve our countries through their current military careers. May this issue and the joy of freedom in it pay homage to them. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your devoted, courageous and impacting service. ■



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