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From 2011 to 2016, the articles included on this blog were in magazine format. To keep up with the changing times and make our content available to a wider audience, the editor decided to move to a blog format. Enjoy reading through our amazing archives!

Every life is a journey.

It starts in childhood and grows as an adult. I began this particular journey at eleven when I opened a ratty notebook and wrote my very first story, about a pair of fedora and trench coat wearing felines who solved mysteries together. (What can I say, I liked cats and Nancy Drew books.) In the many years since, writing has become my passion… it is a talent, obsession, and interest shared by many other readers, movie-goers, and aspiring authors.

For awhile as a teenager I had my own newsletter. Eventually, I shut it down and moved on to other things but the desire to have my own publication continued to haunt me. The desire was filled for several years when I became the co-editor of a webzine that revolved around costume dramas. Many of you are no doubt familiar with the Costume Chronicles. We released 14 amazing issues full of glorious pictures and articles about some truly amazing costume dramas. Yet in my heart I wanted more. I wanted to talk about more than costume dramas, as much as I love them; I wanted to encourage others to expand their minds and see things anew. The end result of that passion is what you see before you, a webzine centered around everything I love: books, movies, art, drama, history, faith, and much more, with a hip, contemporary flavor.

We have a number of talented contributors that in this and future issues will cover an assortment of material. I am very excited about my new columnists and what we have planned for future installments. I also hope this will give new writers a voice, a chance for recognition, and inspire them to hone their skills. In the end, this publication is really in appreciation of writers… authors, screen-writers, anyone who tells a story and does it well. (Or in a few cases, not so well. Please stop writing books. You know who you are!!)

If you have a passion for writing and a topic you feel would make a good column let me know. If you simply want to write about a film, book, or series that fits in with our current theme, let me know! If you have an idea for a future theme, let me know! If you have a complaint, please write it down, tear it into many small pieces, and throw it in the trash. That saves me from doing it for you.

To find out our next theme and contribute please see our back cover. And in the meantime, enjoy this exploration of interesting topics and causes you might not have been aware of before now. ■


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