From the Editor


When planning this year’s themes, I decided to do something different for this issue of Femnista. I knew my writers were good at writing wonderful articles but I had to find out: how good are they at writing fiction?

Naturally, some of them were hesitant to tackle it, since not everyone who loves a good story can write one! But by the time this issue was complete, most had loved the experience and begged me to make it a regular feature. (We’ll see!) Those who faced their fears and were brave enough to share their fiction (in some cases, this is the first one ever written or shared!) are featured here, and each is terrific! Some chose more serious material, others went for quirk and style. You may laugh, you may cry, but each will make you smile.

In these pages, you’ll find what the fan-fiction community call “one-shots,” or single-scene short stories sparked by a moment in a book, film, or television show. Writing a one-shot is simple: it just takes the desire for more and a willingness to write. It’s my hope that this issue will inspire future fiction writers to never let what is on screen (or on the published page) be enough. With amazing stories and characters, there’s always room for more. So read, be inspired, and next time maybe you’ll be brave enough to submit a story of your own!

– Charity



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