Les Misérables: Raindrops



I should have felt cold. Maybe I even was—but I didn’t know it. The only thing I felt was a strong pair of arms around me. Marius held me close, pressing me to his chest. His lips touched the top of my head.

Was this heaven?

Marius never noticed me —at least, not in that way. He considered me a friend—just a friend, just poor Eponine.

He came from wealth. I came from as good as the gutter—a lowly inn until my father lost it.

Marius went to school, had ambition and a future. I helped my parents cheat wealthy men out of their coins. My only ambition was to live another day—to eat.

To have Marius hold me.

Blood seeped through our fingers—his hand and mine. I hadn’t thought, just reacted to save him. He’d not even known it was me until later, until now.

It seemed a fair price, a life for another, a gutter rat for a gentleman’s grandson.

Even if it meant he’d spend his life with her.

Cossette was nothing like me, my opposite. I had dark, mangled hair; hers was the color of sunlight in the spring. My hands were rough and tired; hers were clean and soft. I was worn and street-tough; she was pretty and sweet.

But she wasn’t here.

Marius, however, sat at my side. He held onto me and I’m not sure but that he cried a little into the rain.

I cried too, out of happiness. My life for his —yes, this she could not give him.

It was mine alone. ♥


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Charity Bishop would dearly love to spend all her free time mulling over, theorizing, and philosophizing on the vast spiritual / moral lessons of cinema and Victorian literature, but alas, she must make a living, so her days are spent doing editorial work. She devotes her free time to babysitting her bipolar cat, writing books, blogging, and searching for spiritual truth in all aspects of life… when she isn’t editing Femnista!


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