The Last Centurion and The Girl Who Waited



My name is Rory.

I’m supposed to be ordinary. Until I met the Doctor I was! I’ve lived over two thousand years, I’ve died many times, and my daughter is married to the Doctor. How did it happen? I’m not really sure.

Love stories aren’t supposed to be complicated. You’re supposed to meet a girl, fall in love, get married and that’s it. But with the Doctor around, it’s never simple.

You meet a girl and fall for her even though she doesn’t notice you. One day she makes up a fantastic story about a “Raggedy Man,” who will take her on adventures in his “Blue Box.” You play along, because it makes her pay attention to you, until you discover the Raggedy Man really does exist. He’s a space traveling Time Lord. Before you know it, you’re so muddled that you can’t be sure what’s up or down. But there are some things I’m sure of, and they’re this:

Amy’s Doctor: Everyone falls for him. It’s a given. Amy had a crush on him at first, but she chose me in the end. I had to die a few times for her to figure it out, but still.

Many Deaths: For awhile, it seemed like I died every other day! Here’s a total tally:

▪ Amy’s Choice: Having saved Amy from evil pod-people, I disintegrated into dust.

▪ Cold Blood: I was fatally shot and then erased from time! (This time, I really did die!)

▪ The Big Bang: The TARDIS exploded and obliterated reality… and then it didn’t (long story).

▪ Day of the Moon: My death was faked by a government official so we could carry out the Doctor’s plan to kill off the Silence.

▪ Curse of the Black Spot: I drowned. Amy saved me with CPR.

▪ The Doctor’s Wife: House, an entity, took over the TARDIS and faked my rapid aging and death to scare Amy.

▪ The Angels Take Manhattan: This is the most important, since it changed our lives forever. I saw myself die of old age, then got sent back in time with no way forward. Amy chose to follow me there, rather than lose me.

Wait For Me: I spent two millennia waiting for Amy to emerge from the Pandorica. When Amy got trapped in a faster time stream, she spent 36 years waiting for us to rescue her!

Selfless Love: Amy thought she could make me happy by letting me go, so I could have my own kids. But we stuck together.

The In-Laws: Our daughter, Melody Pond, “began” on the TARDIS on our honeymoon, so she’s part Time Lord. She grew up to marry the Doctor.

Now, that’s complicated. ■


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Charity Bishop would dearly love to spend all her free time mulling over, theorizing, and philosophizing on the vast spiritual / moral lessons of cinema and Victorian literature, but alas, she must make a living, so her days are spent doing editorial work. She devotes her free time to babysitting her bipolar cat, writing books, blogging, and searching for spiritual truth in all aspects of life… when she isn’t editing Femnista!


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