The Dumb Bunny and the Clever Fox

MAY / JUNE 2016: BY CARISSA HORTON Zootopia. You’ve all heard of it, some of you have seen it. Maybe you’ve seen it and don’t even have kids. I fall into that particular category myself. Guess what? It’s the most socially impactful movie of 2016 to date. You heard me right. Zootopia is a little... Continue Reading →

England’s Scandalous Marriages

MAY / JUNE 2016: BY CHARITY BISHOP History has no end of scandals and forbidden marriages. In a few cases, cross-cultural or status-challenging relationships changed entire nations. One such romance involved the War of the Roses. The Lancastrian King Henry VI was mad. The York King Edward unseated him. In an unstable new reign, Edward... Continue Reading →

Angel and the Badman: Vengeance or Love

MAY / JUNE 2016: BY RACHEL KOVACINY One of the things I like best about stories set in the Old West is the endless possibility for diverse characters to encounter each other. Characters from every imaginable background, ethnicity, ideology, religion, and lifestyle can very naturally get thrown into contact with one another because, in real... Continue Reading →

Social Justice in The Help

MAY / JUNE 2016: BY CAROL STARKEY The Help is all about race. The story takes place in the early 60s when racial tensions were high. Skeeter, single, gangly, and unsure of herself, grew up with a maid, Constantine. The maid disappeared while Skeeter was away at college, and no one will tell her the... Continue Reading →

Commoners and Kings

MAY / JUNE 2016: BY LILA DONOVAN Prince William and Kate Middleton’s romance captivated the world because they seem to exude a genuine love for each other. How did a commoner win the heart of a prince? Catherine Elizabeth Middleton arrived January 9, 1982. Her father, Michael, was a flight dispatcher. Mother, Carole, worked as... Continue Reading →

Royal Meets Reality: Roman Holiday

MAY / JUNE 2016: BY RACHEL SEXTON We all watch movies enough to have become familiar with certain on-screen formulas. The narrative theme of two different worlds colliding is usually shown within the confines of a romance. We've all seen the rich girl fall for the poor boy and her dad be determined to keep... Continue Reading →

Doctor Thorne: Illegitimacy and Marriage

MAY / JUNE 2016: BY CHARITY BISHOP When Emma Woodhouse tries to secure a higher-born match for Harriet Smith than a local man, Mr. Knightley scoffs, “[Is it] a degradation for illegitimacy to marry a respected, intelligent farmer?” Emma has higher ambitions for Harriet. Local parson Mr. Elton makes overtures to Emma of a “distasteful... Continue Reading →

Pocahontas and Her Relationships

MAY / JUNE 2016: BY SCARLETT GRANT The life and relationships of Pocahontas are one of the most romanticized in history. There are countless portraits, literature, plays and films about her life. However, very few facts about her life are confirmed even by seasoned historians, which has lead much misinformation to be mistaken for fact... Continue Reading →

North and South

MAY / JUNE 2016: BY VERONICA LEIGH Elizabeth Gaskell chose to write North and South inspired by her life in Manchester. The haughty Margaret Hale moves from southern England with her genteelly impoverished family to Milton, in northern England. Considered by some to be similar to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice in themes, North and... Continue Reading →

Judgment Day by Flannery O’Connor

MAY / JUNE 2016: BY VICTORIA WILLIAMS All my stories are about the action of grace on a character who is not very willing to support it, but most people think of these stories as hard, hopeless and brutal,” wrote Flannery O'Connor. It's a good thing that O'Connor wrote non-fiction as well as fiction. If... Continue Reading →

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