Best Friends Forever: Anne Shirley and Diana Barry



Of all the acronyms that have become popular over the last couple of years, one of the most overused, at least in my opinion, is BFF (Best Friends Forever). Do we even know what it means anymore? Sure, we know what it stands for but do we understand its significance? The first example that comes to my mind when I think of true best friends is Anne Shirley and Diana Barry in Anne of Green Gables.

While some best friends have a lot in common, many don’t. The cliché “opposites attract” is used for a reason and it’s true of Anne and Diana. In fact, aside from both being girls and about the same age, I don’t think they share a single character trait. This is apparent even at the beginning of the book when they meet. As soon as Anne is introduced to Diana, she asks her to be her “bosom friend” and to swear she’ll always be her best friend. Diana responds by insisting that it’s wrong to swear.

Right then and there, their roles are established. Diana is the pragmatist and Anne the romantic. Diana is fearful and Anne is fearless. But as different as the two girls are, they never let their differences hinder their friendship. Instead, they use them to help each other.

Another thing that makes Anne and Diana’s friendship such a good example is they genuinely love each other and often demonstrate this through their actions. When Diana’s little sister is sick with the croup and Mr. and Mrs. Barry are away, Anne comes over to help even though she knows she could get in trouble for doing so. (Diana’s mother forbid Anne and Diana from seeing each other after Anne accidentally got Diana drunk.) And when Matthew dies, Diana is there to comfort Anne even though it’s difficult.

If Anne and Diana were real girls who were alive today, they would most definitely be considered BFFs, but I really don’t think they would refer to themselves as such. They wouldn’t have to, because people would be able to tell just by watching them that they were best friends and always would be. ♥



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