Big Sister: Chuck



As an older sister, I can relate to Ellie from NBC’s Chuck.  She watches over him, wanting the best for him. She’s more than a little bit bossy, and thinks that her way is best. The first time we see Ellie, she’s coaching Chuck on a date. The date doesn’t go well, but from the first moment, you see how important they are to each other.  As his big sister, Ellie wants only the best for her little brother.  It goes deeper than that, though.  Their mother left when they were children and their father wasn’t around much.  They ended up having to depend on one another and Ellie took on a surrogate mother role.  They even celebrate every Mother’s Day together… as a day where they celebrate not needing their own mother.

This role doesn’t change much when they grow up.  Chuck lives with his sister and works at a local store, seemingly content with his life.  One day, a beautiful woman, Sarah, walks in and changes Chuck’s life forever.  Ellie likes Sarah from the start and is thrilled when Chuck starts dating her.  Once he does, his life improves.  He takes more care with his appearance, gains more self-confidence, and even urges Ellie to take a job in Africa.  In short, he grows up.  And though Ellie still feels protective toward him, she lets him go.

The basic premise of Chuck is that he has the Intersect, a giant database, in his head. The FBI uses that information to take down the bad guys. That means Chuck has to hide who he is and the double life he’s living.  With the Intersect in his head, he, Sarah (actually an FBI agent), and Casey (another FBI agent) work together to track down and stop thieves and killers.  Eventually, his best friend and even Ellie’s fiancé find out, but Chuck doesn’t want Ellie to know because too much information could be deadly for her.  The bad guys will target her to get to him.

Eventually, Ellie does find out and feels betrayed. Her parents deserted them as children and now her brother has done the same thing. Even though Chuck’s being the Intersect is dangerous, Ellie still wants to know. While she hates knowing Chuck is in constant danger, she also totally understands.  He enjoys the work and Sarah and Casey are there to make sure he’s safe.

In the end, Ellie and Chuck’s relationship works because of their mutual trust and love for one another. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a show with sibling love portrayed in such a normal and positive light. There are fights and disagreements, but Ellie and Chuck always try to act in the best interests of the other.  Chuck does a lot of growing up, and Ellie learns to back off and let him live his own life. Their lives stay intertwined, and if anything, the love and respect they have for one another only grows as the show progresses. ♥


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Carol Starkley lives in the beautiful state of Connecticut. She has a husband, three daughters and numerous pets. She works part-time while working and going to school. She loves to write, read, and take pictures of life around her. Her blog is updated infrequently, but she hopes to change that after she graduates. She’s a Christian, and hopes that ultimately her life will point to him. She also blogs.


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