From the Editor: A Family Affair


Family is an undeniable part of our lives. We all had parents, whether or not we ever knew them. Someone gave birth to us and enabled us to go out and do good in the world. So it is natural that so much of fiction would revolve around family dynamics, in its many forms.

Trying to choose which topic to write about was difficult for me, because whenever I hear the word “family,” a dozen different families pass through my mind. I think about Anne Shirley and her desperate need for a family, which she found in Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert. That leads me to the King family of Road to Avonlea. This ragtag bunch is invaded upon by Sarah Stanley, a cousin to the Kings, who struggles to adapt to their “country ways” after her life in the city with an absentee father.  The theme of family is carried on in Lucy Maud Montomery’s other books, including my personal favorite, Jane of Lantern Hill, which is about a girl who unknowingly loves her father from afar, by finding his picture in the newspaper. As the story unfolds, her parents are drawn together again (her mother never wanted to leave him in the first place).

My mind shifts through history, to the Plantagenet line, and to the Tudors, to two queens who shared blood but not opinions, and whose lineage spanned half of Europe’s monarchs.

Science fiction rushes into my head … to the Skywalkers, and Star War’s defining moment when young Luke discovers the man he is fighting is his father. I think of the Adama family of Battlestar Galactica, a father and son torn apart by loss but forced to reconcile through serious events… who adopt into their lives “extended family,” including two tough-as-nails but very different women. And then, with fondness, I think about Doctor Who, and how he became part of “the Pond family.” He dashed about with the parents of the woman he eventually married, while she lived out her life in reverse, their timelines mangled beyond comprehension. But still, he is River Song’s wife, and Amy and Rory’s son-in-law. Family can be a tricky business!

I hope you enjoy reading about a few families that caught my writer’s attention. I did! ♥


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Charity Bishop would dearly love to spend all her free time mulling over, theorizing, and philosophizing on the vast spiritual / moral lessons of cinema and Victorian literature, but alas, she must make a living, so her days are spent doing editorial work. She devotes her free time to babysitting her bipolar cat, writing books, blogging, and searching for spiritual truth in all aspects of life… when she isn’t editing Femnista!


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