Time travel has always fascinated us. Deep inside, all of us wonder if it’s possible, if perhaps we might step outside our own time and find the thread that unravels time itself, that allows us to step in and out of different periods, to see the beginning and the end of all things. Countless films, books, and television series explore this, and sometimes exploit it for their own benefit.

Such exploitations are called “resets.” Fringe did it. Star Trek did it. Fans respond either positively (did the reset undo what they hated about the original plot line) or negatively (have all their favorite characters changed)? Sometimes, these shifts are good, and sometimes they are bad. In the case of Spock, it’s hotly debated. Do fans prefer the original cast (by in large, yes) or the new one? Do we like Kirk and Spock as friends or antagonists? The old Spock was mild-mannered; the new one, thanks to a time travel loop into an alternate reality, is hot-headed.

Many characters go on adventures through time in these pages. It’s our hope that you will take the journey with them. Time travel is not just a great feat for the imagination; it has things it can teach us about ourselves. ◦



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