When Light Doth Fade



Darkness is but the absence of light…evil, the waste of what once might have been good.

Merlin is one of my favorite shows. It’s just good drama—and has great character portrayal and development. And nothing pleases me more when a show is able to amply show the transformation of a good person into the worst kind of villain—one whose love got twisted into something dark. Because let’s face it, it is a universal truth that love is the most powerful thing in life—every deed that springs from it has immense power, for good or evil.

That is why I like Morgana. Her heart was an open window, full of kindness, of understanding. She felt for everyone. A mother, a child, anyone. Her own fears for the people, and the way people with magic were treated, drove her to clash harshly with her father-figure (who turned out to be her true father) Uther Pendragon. It caused her to state early on that, “One by one you make enemies of us all.” Too much alike in strong-headedness Uther disregarded Morgana’s threat, sure of his own ways. They loved each other immensely but their fights were constant and vicious—both felt keenly on the point. She saw magic users as human, and Uther saw them as a threat that cost him dearly in life.

Over and over again she saw the cruelties Uther commanded, and when she started manifesting her own powers, it added to the strain and madness that she was already beginning to feel. In her struggle to find a way, to find an answer, and her continued clash with Uther, she eventually found a place for herself among others with magic—but through tragedy she lost what might have been a healthy society for herself and later was embraced by a sister who both loved and lead her down the path to darkness. Morgeuse provided the family she needed, but she really ignited the pyre of hatred Morgana had been building for years.

Belonging is a dangerous thing—whether it’s real or not. It can give you courage. Make you do things you never imagined yourself seriously doing… being capable of. The truth of evil is that it is just the misuse of what was intended to be right. Anything pure can lead to wretchedness. Love can turn to disgust and hate. Slowly, steadily… until the person is irrevocably changed.

“Sometimes you have to do what you think is right, and damn the consequences.”

And it’s true, but sadly, all that came from the choices she made led to madness and death and grief. To stirring up violence, maliciousness—treachery. Turning friendships into weapons. “Don’t think I don’t understand loyalty, just because I’ve got no one left to be loyal to.”

An interesting aspect of the show is all the things that came true from the beginning. Uther made himself enemies… especially of Morgana, someone who had his heart. And from the punishment she wreaked upon him, she fulfilled her own prophecy: “And you, Uther, you will go to hell.”

By breaking his heart, that was all she left him in life—a hell. Uther sacrificing himself to save his son was almost a mercy. Taking the man she knew and once loved, she deconstructed him bit by bit, leaving him a shell until his death. And there was no satisfaction for her—nothing to fill the void, nothing to curb her desire for more, and yet more—taking the throne, creating a world of “fairness” for those with magic—but regardless of her original pure goals, the road she took to get to the end turned it on its head and created a polluted goal. No longer was it pure, selfless.

Morgana is the perfect example of an open heart that was so open that fear, circumstance, and her own power reached right in and twisted it, and took it out completely. We can understand the heartbreak that led her to madness, but we can’t reconcile the choices she made. We can only watch her descent, her wretchedness, and the grief she spread for everyone, up into the end. ♥


Elora Shore is a long time writer and has published a short story (Eloise) and her first collection of poetry, A Road to Count the Days By, available on Amazon Kindle. Her poems have appeared in several magazines. She is working on a romcom and a fantasy trilogy. Follow Elora online at Pendragon and Out My Front Door.


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