Often when a child is spared from something horrific, Christians are quick to say how God has great plans for him. This may or may not be true; I believe sometimes children are spared from terrible things just because God’s grace saved them. Whether or not they go on to do great things is not determined by being saved from a burning building or cancer.

One child, though, who was spared did go on to do great things: Moses. Pharaoh, concerned over the number of Israelite slaves, had decreed that all baby boys would be killed at birth. But at least one mother, Jochebed, decided to keep her baby. When he became too old to conceal any longer, she built a tiny basket and sent his sister, Miriam, to place him in the river in hopes that someone would see him and save him.

That day, the princess went to bathe and found the baby, then decided to keep and raise him as her own. Miriam popped up, asking if the princess would need a nurse for the baby. Jochebed was able to keep her own baby for his first few years, then took him to the palace. Moses’s mother obeyed God, and He rewarded her for it.

As an adult, Moses did many mighty things. He spoke to God in a burning bush; he and his brother Aaron confronted Pharaoh, cursed the land with ten plagues when the king wouldn’t let God’s people go, and led the Israelites from Egypt; he parted the Red Sea so the Israelites walked across on dry ground, then brought the waters together, killing Pharaoh and his army; and he brought down the Ten Commandments from Mount Sinai.

Through all this, he remained humble. When commanded by God to lead his people from Egypt, he protested, insisting he wasn’t a good speaker. After killing an Egyptian in anger, he repented and spent years in Midian, growing in his faith. He pled for the Israelites over and over again, asking God to spare them, reminding God of His promises toward His people.

Moses, like all men, sinned. He killed an Egyptian in anger, he argued with his siblings (and even with God), and he smote the rock instead of speaking to it. This last sin caused him to miss out on entering the Promised Land. God took Moses to the top of Mount Nebo; there he died.

What I love the most about Moses is not the amazing things he did, but that he was a normal person. He loved, had a temper, and he wasn’t always confident. Yet God used him. Moses wrote the first five books of the Bible, more than anyone else in the Old Testament. He didn’t view himself as a good speaker, yet he stood up to Pharaoh. He also pleaded on many occasions for God to spare the Israelites.

Though Moses was the servant of God, he was considered God’s friend, as well. God communed with him on Mount Sinai, He listened to Moses’ prayers, and He was there at the end of Moses’ life. Though Moses thought little of himself, his humble spirit and love for God shined through. ♥


Carol Starkley has a husband, three daughters, three cats, five fish, and a hamster. She’s also a Christian Blogger.


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