Cold Like Lady de Winter

SEPT / OCT 2013: BY TASHA BRANDSTATTER A few months ago, author Neil Stephenson stated in an interview that his novels never have female villains because for a villain to be convincing, they have to be powerful. Ouch. Apparently Stephenson never read Alexandre Dumas’ The Three Musketeers, which features one of the best villains in... Continue Reading →


Evil to the Very Core

SEPT / OCT 2013: BY PATTI GARDNER Sometimes, no matter how hard you look for a glimmer of goodness in a person, you won’t find it. There are times when a man or woman has zero redeeming qualities and, in fact, they are rotten through and through… evil to the very core. One such man... Continue Reading →

The Vanity of Mrs. Norris

SEPT / OCT 2013: BY LIANNE M. BERNARDO She may not possess nefarious magical powers used for ill. She may not live in an eerie castle or have a deadly criminal past. Her goal in life is not world domination. But Mansfield Park’s Mrs. Norris is so mean and false in her attitudes and impressions... Continue Reading →

Unintended Villain

SEPT / OCT 2013: BY CHRISTY McDOUGALL For my literary villain, I offer a minister and aspiring missionary who wants nothing more than to do what he is called to do; a man called good by all the people who know him; a man who believes serving God as a missionary is the greatest thing... Continue Reading →

Villainy in Of Mice and Men

SEPT / OCT 2013: BY SHANNON H. John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men is story of two friends in the Depression. George Milton and the mentally-challenged Lennie Small search for work after being run out of their last place of employment due to a somewhat serious mishap by Lennie. They eventually find work at a... Continue Reading →

A Monster in Pink

SEPT / OCT 2013: BY CAROL STARKEY Lord Acton first said, “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Professor Umbridge of the Harry Potter series presents an excellent example for that phrase. We first meet her when Harry is brought before the High Court. Though toad-like in her appearance, her honeyed voice masks... Continue Reading →

Who Wore the Scarlet Letter?

SEPT / OCT 2013: BY LINDY ABBOTT Adultery is a sin that spreads its roots into many lives. If a pastor commits adultery he brings this sin upon the community at-large, himself, the woman, a child (if formed), the families, the church and God. In a pastor, one hopes she can trust her soul to... Continue Reading →

A Man Named Willoughby

SEPT / OCT 2013: BY VERONICA LEIGH Not all villains are bent on evil. Most do not even consider their actions evil. In their minds, they’re looking out for their own best interests or they are “following their heart.” Many even have good qualities; they love and give and show flickers of morality. Mr. John... Continue Reading →

From the Editor: Literary Villains

Where would literature be without villains? If there were no human evils to overcome, heroes would not embark on adventures. Damsels would not need rescued. For just about every hero in a novel, there is an evil personified in a living individual. The characters of Bleak House are tormented by the rigid, vile Mr. Tulkinghorn... Continue Reading →

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