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With Rogue One coming out in December, I decided to capitalize on the opportunity to increase our readership by featuring Star Wars as our November / December 2016 theme. I’m searching for contributors! So far Kylo Ren, Luke Skywalker, the Droids, and the Women of Star Wars have been claimed.

What would YOU like to write about? Han Solo? Chewy? The origins of George Lucas’ inspiration and the evolution of the franchise? The villains? Relationship dynamics? The spin-off novels and comic books? Please sign up! Leave a comment or fire me off an e-mail (for those that already have it) with what topic you’d like to cover.

The DEADLINE is Oct 20th. (If you choose Rogue One as your topic, you’ll have a December deadline, after the film’s release.) I’m open to multiple submissions from the same writers, so if you’re a total fan, no fear: you can contribute more than one article.

I’m also looking for suggestions for next year’s themes! What do you want to read?

General updates: Femnista now has a Twitter andย  Tumblr account. Please follow us on both. It may take me awhile to tweet / reblog the archives. Thanks for being patient. As always, I’m grateful to anyone who shares the blog / webzine with friends and family. Please encourage them to sign up for our mailing list or add us to their blogroll, so they never miss an update.

3 thoughts on “Femnista: Star Wars / General News

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  1. Future themes . . . hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm . . . Say, could we have a Narnia-themed edition, or at least a C.S. Lewis-themed edition? If we do, I promise to write at least one article for it ๐Ÿ™‚

    It would also be really cool if we could have a music-themed edition; you know, featuring stories that are about music or that include music as a prominent element.


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