Derringers & Fedoras: Spies, Assassins, and Private Eyes


Daring escapades. Narrow escapes. Car chases. International espionage.

From books to movies to television shows, the high-risk life of spies, assassins, and private eyes intrigues and entertains us, decade after decade. From Jason Bourne to the real life spies in the American Revolution, this issue of Femnista introduces you to some old favorites, some flashy newcomers, and hopefully, a few stories you’ve never heard before. So buckle up, it’s going to be a fast ride.


Exemplary Courage: Count von Stauffenberg

The Bourne Popularity

The Rosenbergs

A Tale of Two Illyas: Character Changes in The Man From UNCLE

Mata Hari: The Original Femme Fatale

The King’s Dagger: Sir Thomas Lovell

Trixie Belden

The Maltese Falcon

The Slave Who Spied For Freedom

Archer: Espionage Adult Animation At Its Finest

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