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A Life of Structure: Kylo Ren



I heard a recent sermon series on forgiveness that hit me in profound ways. It asserted that sometimes we fail to establish boundaries, then become angry with others for overstepping our natural limits, but our anger is directed less at the person in our life than at ourselves.

Boundaries are difficult to assert, but life-saving, if you can manage it. People are more comfortable knowing where the limits are since it brings a sense of certainty to the uncertainties of life. Children in particular need boundaries from their parents. It’s true that as they get older, they will test those boundaries, but it brings them a sense of assurance and sameness, in knowing where their parents stand. Continue reading

Clothing a Galactic Senator



The Era of the Old Republic was a time of opulence and decadence before the Clone Wars and the beginning of the Galactic Empire. The prequels displayed a galaxy of amazing fashion choices and options. So who else better to pick than Padme Amidala? The former Princess of Theed and Queen of Naboo, who later became the Senator for Naboo. If magazines like Vogue, i-D, and Dazed & Confused existed on Coruscant, Senator Amidala would have always made the cover of them. So this article is going to honor some of her most famous outfits and the possible inspirations behind them. Continue reading

Han Solo



What is it about the wrong kind of guy? The rogue, the rascal, the scoundrel. The one you know you shouldn’t trust. And you truly don’t trust him. You know better. Obviously. Everyone knows better than to trust a guy who gets paid to lie, cheat, and hide. He makes his living being untrustworthy. So you don’t trust him. At all. Continue reading

Machine or Human? The Droids of Star Wars



I can still remember the day my father showed me and my older brother Star Wars:  A New Hope for the very first time. I was about three or four years old, I think; and the three of us sat and watched the movie on a rented VHS tape in a living room which (to my mind) seemed like an enormous palace, but which I now realize was actually quite small.  Such, they tell me, is childhood. Continue reading

A Star in a Galaxy Far, Far Away



So Rey is the hero, Kylo the villain and Poe is too cool. So what about Finn? Or as he was previously known, FN-2187. As he was raised by The First Order from birth (or at least an incredibly young age) we have no idea of who he is or could possibly be. Furthermore, unlike Rey there are no clues nor mass fan speculation concerning his family and background, leaving the mystery intact. However, J.J. Abrams promises to reveal Finn’s origins in Episode VIII and IX. So maybe we’ll soon find out more about the history of this charismatic character. Continue reading

Femnista Nov/Dec 2016: Star Wars


How old were you when you first met Luke Skywalker? Han Solo? Princess Leia? The doids? Did it shape your childhood, adulthood, or teen years? Were you front row center at the first screening or a latecomer? Did you start watching with the prequels or sequel? Does it matter? You kept coming back for more, because George Lucas created an incredible galaxy full of unforgettable characters, that is still as stirring today as it was in the 70’s!

Our writers celebrate Star Wars over the next two months, in honor of Rogue One. Settle in with a cup of java and join us as we relive the memories and delve deeper into the stories.

In this issue:

A Star in a Galaxy Far, Far Away: Finn, by Scarlett Grant

Machine or Human? The Droids of Star Wars, by Jessica Prescott

Han Solo, by Rachel Kovaciny

Clothing a Galactic Senator: The Costumes of Padme, by Scarlett Grant

A Life of Structure: Kylo Ren, by Charity Bishop

I Can’t Stand You. I Love You, by Marianna Kaplun

Fear Leading: Anakin’s Turn to the Dark Side, by Marissa Baker

Following Luke Skywalker, by Carissa Horton

The Scoundrel & the Bounty Hunter, by Caitlin Horton

Forceful Females: The Women of Star Wars, by Rachel Sexton