Femnista Nov/Dec 2016: Star Wars


How old were you when you first met Luke Skywalker? Han Solo? Princess Leia? The doids? Did it shape your childhood, adulthood, or teen years? Were you front row center at the first screening or a latecomer? Did you start watching with the prequels or sequel? Does it matter? You kept coming back for more, because George Lucas created an incredible galaxy full of unforgettable characters, that is still as stirring today as it was in the 70’s!

Our writers celebrate Star Wars over the next two months, in honor of Rogue One. Settle in with a cup of java and join us as we relive the memories and delve deeper into the stories.

In this issue:

A Star in a Galaxy Far, Far Away: Finn, by Scarlett Grant

Machine or Human? The Droids of Star Wars, by Jessica Prescott

Han Solo, by Rachel Kovaciny

Clothing a Galactic Senator: The Costumes of Padme, by Scarlett Grant

A Life of Structure: Kylo Ren, by Charity Bishop

I Can’t Stand You. I Love You, by Marianna Kaplun

Fear Leading: Anakin’s Turn to the Dark Side, by Marissa Baker

Following Luke Skywalker, by Carissa Horton

The Scoundrel & the Bounty Hunter, by Caitlin Horton

Forceful Females: The Women of Star Wars, by Rachel Sexton

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  1. Really looking forward to reading this issue! Star Wars was the starting point for my life-long science fiction obsession. When I first saw Star Wars on my parent’s VHS set, my sister and I were young enough that our dad read the alien language subtitles for us aloud. I still hear his voice in my head when watching the original trilogy.


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