Almost, but Not Quite: Mansfield Park’s Henry Crawford

NOV / DEC 2016: BY LIANNE M. BERNARDO In Jane Austen’s novels, the love stories are presented with such contrasts: the heroine with her hero and with the foil, a man who vies for our heroine’s hand but isn’t suitable for her for whatever reason (Sense and Sensibility’s John Willoughby, Persuasion’s William Elliot, just to... Continue Reading →

Anna Karenina: Levin & Kitty

JAN / FEB 2016: BY VERONICA LEIGH Leo Tolstoy wrote the multi-faceted novel, Anna Karenina as somewhat of a cautionary tale. The romance between Anna and her lover Vronsky was ill-fated from the start, yet since the novel was published, the passion between the two has been glorified as “true love.” Somehow committing adultery and... Continue Reading →

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