Femnista Jan / Feb 2107: Playing Second Fiddle

Everyone plays second fiddle at some point in their life. You aren’t chosen… as the one to love, to one to play on the team, as the best friend. It hurts. It makes you tougher. It teaches you a lesson. Or it burns your soul.

Characters sometimes become “sidekicks” instead of the main attraction. They don’t get the girl, save the day, or have much screen or page time… but we notice them, we care about them, we feel for them, sometimes we even secretly think they should have been the hero or heroine. They need to be the leading lady or man of their own life, right?

Over the next two months, in this issue of Femnista, we celebrate the sidekicks… the lesser-knowns who may spend more time in the background than at the forefront but who are never forgotten.


The Hitter & the Thief: Leverage’s Might-Have-Been Romance, by Jessica Prescott

The Mysterious Mary Boleyn, by Scarlett Grant

Anna Karenina: Levin & Kitty, by Veronica Leigh

Substitute People: A Guide in Healthy Relationships, by Charity Bishop

Jess-Belle: Harsh Lessons from the Twilight Zone, by Lila Donovan

Almost But Not Quite: Mansfield Park‘s Henry Crawford, by Lianne M. Bernardo

LOST: A Father’s Love, by Carol Starkey

Never Satisfied: Angelica Schuyler’s Story, by Katie Friedemann

“Do I Offend?” Duckie in Pretty in Pink, by Rachel Sexton

The Thought of What Could Happen (Sabrina), by Rachel Kovaciny

Taking Over The World Via the Internet: Valentine Wiggin in Ender’s Game, by Victoria Williams

Prince Without Fear or Reproach, by Marianna Kaplun

The Golden Duo: Ron & Hermione, by Elora Shore

Ugly Stepsisters, by Scarlett Grant

Links will be updated as posts go live.


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