Brutal Christianity: Alfred the Great

MARCH / APRIL 2017: BY CHARITY BISHOP In the second episode of the BBC’s The Last Kingdom, based on Bernard Cornwell’s best-selling Saxon Stories book series, Alfred the Great turns to his priest, Beocca, and asks whether they ought to spread God’s love to the pagans or kill them. Beocca pauses, considers, and says he... Continue Reading →

Silence by Shusaku Endo

MARCH / APRIL 2017: BY SHANNON H. Those who subscribe to Christianity (or any worldview) have endured "trials and tribulations" in life, events that cause one to doubt or question one's faith in God or any other deity. A death of a loved one, a loss of a job, even a natural disaster can cause... Continue Reading →

Bethany Hamilton: Woman of Faith

MARCH / APRIL 2017: BY JESSICA SANTULLI On October 31, 2003, a horrific event happened off the coast of Kauai, Hawaii. No, it wasn’t a Halloween prank gone wrong; the occurrence had nothing to do with the ghost- and goblin-filled holiday. Thirteen-year-old Bethany Hamilton, an up-and-coming professional surfer, was waiting for the next wave with... Continue Reading →

Moving the Earth: The Legacy of Galileo

MARCH / APRIL 2017: BY RACHEL SEXTON Often, it can feel like science and religion are mutually exclusive and always at opposition with each other. Religion depends on interpretation of texts like the Bible that advances in science can sometimes prove wrong. The Renaissance was a period of tremendous progress in multiple areas of human... Continue Reading →

 Vestal Virgins

MARCH / APRIL 2017: BY SCARLETT GRANT In a world of strict patriarchy, very few women had the chance to be independent or have their voices heard within Roman society. The only way a woman received equal treatment and respect was as a Vestal Virgin, a priestess of the goddess of the hearth, Vesta. Their... Continue Reading →

Femnista March / April 2017: Beliefs

Everyone has a worldview, something they believe in. It may be science, God, or themselves, but this shapes their approach to life, influences their decisions, and shifts them toward their future self. History has seen many people of profound beliefs, some who made the world a better place and others who sought to destroy, rather... Continue Reading →

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