Femnista March / April 2017: Beliefs

Everyone has a worldview, something they believe in. It may be science, God, or themselves, but this shapes their approach to life, influences their decisions, and shifts them toward their future self. History has seen many people of profound beliefs, some who made the world a better place and others who sought to destroy, rather than restore.

This issue focuses on films, novels, and people whose beliefs were beyond their time, that shaped the world, or that have left a profound impression on us.


Vestal Virgins, by Scarlett Grant

Bethany Hamilton: Woman of Faith, by Jessica Santulli

Moving the Earth: The Legacy of Galileo, by Rachel Sexton

Silence, by Shusaku Endo, by Shannon H.

Brutal Christianity: Alfred the Great, by Charity Bishop

Caroline Herschel, by Lila Donovan

The Secret of Kells, by Scarlett Grant

The Young Messiah, by Charity Bishop

Blessed Are They Who Have Not Seen, by Jessica Prescott

William Wilberforce, by Veronica Leigh

He Didn’t Expect to Change the World, by Rachel Kovaciny

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