Femnista May / June 2017: Exotic Nights


Ancient civilizations found Asia, Egypt, and the Middle East “exotic.” They imported its spices, sought its elephants, tried to settle its wilds, and conquered much of it, but even today, when most of its mysteries are known, that part of the world continues to mystify, intrigue, and inspire our imaginations. Countless stories take place there. Hundreds of true stories originate there.

Shall we explore some of them?


Magic in the Bottle: Aladdin and the Thousand and One Nights, by Rachel Sexton

Ehheduanna: The Original Woman of Words, by Scarlett Grant

Fragile as Porcelain: Memoirs of a Geisha, by Charity Bishop

The Glass Mountain, by Carol Starkey

Sadakeo and the Thousand Paper Cranes, by Veronica Leigh

The Shadow Knows, by Rachel Kovaciny

The Sultanate of Women, by Lila Donovan

Wu Zetian: The Daughter of Heaven, by Scarlett Grant

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