Forever Trapped


A day is 24 hours long, but we often feel that isn’t enough. We try to manage our minutes wisely, to accomplish as much as possible every day. I fall short. More than once I have wished to have more time or I could somehow do something different, to change the course of events.

In Forever, Henry Morgan has all the time in the world. Cursed by immortality and youth, he has lived two hundred years and will walk the earth for all eternity. To some that may sound like a gift; to live forever and be forever young. But his “gift” comes with a heavy price. He has died several times but comes back to life, resurfacing in the grimy Hudson River. He has witnessed war after war, has fallen in love many times, has watched his loved ones die (and will one day see his only son pass away), and he has seen men and women commit the darkest of crimes. Henry has had to move again and again, break off relationships and change his name and appearance to avoid suspicion.

Henry’s curse began in the 19th century when he attempted to free slaves from his father’s slave ship, got shot, and fell overboard. A moral man, rather than wallow in self-pity, he decides to solve crimes and use his immortality well. With his vast knowledge, deductive reasoning, and ties to the police as a medical examiner, Henry seems unstoppable. What friends he has shrug him off as an oddball but accept him for who he is and appreciate his efforts. Only his beloved wife Abigail and his son Abe knew and understood his secret and went to great lengths to protect him. Abigail went as far as separating from Henry and dying for him to spare him pain and scrutiny.

What a lonely life it must be, to know you will never share it with any fellow “immortal”… and then Henry comes across Adam and to his horror, he learns Adam is an immortal too. Older by two thousand years and full of darkness, Adam is determined to make Henry view their curse as he does. Time has not been kind to Adam; he survived several plagues, murders, and suffered at the hands of the Nazis and their experiments during WWII. Time has twisted Adam into a sociopath; he will stop at nothing to achieve his goals even if it includes taking innocent lives or endangering others. Adam predicts that one day, Henry will be just like him… and may have a weapon that can kill Henry.

To find out what happens between them, you must watch the series, but it’s harrowing to think Henry will always be at risk, that someone could expose his secret, or he could fall into the wrong hands. It could make him bitter, knowing the world might turn against him if he knew the truth, but unlike Adam, Henry thrives on helping others. Henry knows however long he lives—whether it’s a normal lifespan, two hundred years, or two thousand–he can’t take anything for granted. He must cherish each moment as if it is his last because tomorrow is no guarantee.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Veronica Leigh has been published in several anthologies and her work has appeared on and the Artist Unleashed, and she has published a couple of fictional stories. She makes her home in Indiana with her family and her furbabies. To learn more about her, visit her blog.


One thought on “Forever Trapped

  1. hamlettethedame

    I loved this show! I was so sad it didn’t get renewed — the premise was so unique, and all the actors — especially Ioan Gruffudd and Judd Hirsch — were so well-suited to their roles. Nice to find another fan!



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