March / April 2018: Super Heroes

Since the tremendous success of the first all-star Spider-Man over a decade ago, Hollywood has filled theater seats with all kinds of super heroes, from large and green with anger issues to plated in iron or with steel claws. Here, we explore some of our favorite big screen super heroes and their comic book origins.


A Larger Awakening: the Subtext of Black Panther, by Charity Bishop

Hellboy, by Scarlett Grant

Love Squad: Harley Quinn by Marianna Kaplun

You’re My Mission: Civil War, by Jessica Prescott

V for Vendetta, by Scarlett Grant

My Nasty, Brutish & Short Hero: Wolverine, by Rachel Kovaciny

The Amazing Amazon: Wonder Woman, by Rachel Sexton

More than a Butler: Alfred from Gotham, by Carissa Horton

Links will go live as articles post. Articles go live each Saturday.


2 thoughts on “March / April 2018: Super Heroes

  1. hamlettethedame

    I would argue that it was the success of X-men in 2000, two years before the first Spider-man movie, that really kicked off the superhero extravaganza we now enjoy… but Spidey made a lot more money, so I can see how that could be seen as the instigator too.



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