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More than a Butler

When I first chose Gotham as my topic for this article, I determined that I would not write about my favorite character. I would delve into the multiple personality disorder of Jim Gordon, or the odd teen romance of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle, or focus on the redemptive qualities of Oswald Cobblepot, or even rant against the vindictive nature of all the female characters in the show save one. But I couldn’t do it. Because, for me, the only reason I watched Gotham in the first place is the man who plays Alfred Pennyworth. Continue reading

The Amazing Amazon: Wonder Woman

Let’s say ten years ago you asked someone to name a superhero. You were likely to hear that person say Batman or Superman or maybe Spider-Man. Now, you might hear Iron Man or Captain America as well. But ask anyone at any point in time to name a female superhero and you will get one answer: Wonder Woman. Also known as Diana Prince, she is a vital part of the DC Comics pantheon and is still the most high-profile female comic book hero. The appeal of Wonder Woman is vast and has a deep and lasting cultural impact. Continue reading

My Nasty, Brutish, and Short Hero: Wolverine

I don’t remember my introduction to the mutant superhero known as the Wolverine. I met him within the pages of the Spider-man Magazine, which started in 1994, so I know it was no earlier than that. The magazine often featured other Marvel characters having adventures with Spidey, mainly members of the X-men and Avengers. Including Wolverine. Continue reading

V for Vendetta

Turmoil devastates the near future of 2027. A Second Civil War overtakes America and a pandemic of the deadly “St. Mary’s Virus” plagues Europe. Cut off from the rest of Europe, a far-right dictatorship, controlled by the Norsefire Party and its High Chancellor, Adam Sutler, now rule Britain, and imprison and kill political undesirables, such as ethnic minorities; non-Christians; atheists; and members of the LGBT+ community. Martial law and censorship control those that fit the desired criteria of Norsefire. Our main character, Evey, becomes embroiled in the story when she flouts military curfew. This is the premise of the iconic graphic novel (1988) and film (2005) V for Vendetta. Continue reading