In This Issue…

Writers have re-imagined stories for generations. Oral storytelling changed when written tales achieved popularity, and over the years, authors, directors, and playwrights have approached the same themes and topics with unique flourishes. From Hollywood remakes to a new twist on a familiar tale, this month we bring you an assortment of delightful stories made new…


The Greatest Showman: Re-Imagining an American Myth, by Charity Bishop

The Shape of Water, by Scarlett Grant

What a Legend Needs: King Arthur, by Rachel Kovaciny

Remember Who You Are: Shakespeare’s Lion King, by Marianna Kaplun

Dorothy Sends Thee, by Jessica Prescott

Remaking Romance: Tristan & Isolde, by Rachel Sexton

The Origins of Robin Hood, by Veronica Leigh

A New Maleficent, by Scarlett Grant

Kind Courage: The New Cinderella, by Charity Bishop


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