Romance comes with perils and pitfalls… and sometimes, broken hearts. From a human caught between immortal lovers to the husband left in the dust when a handsome stranger comes into his wife’s life, history and fiction teems with people drawn together.

This issue features memorable love triangles.


An Unconventional Life: The Duchess, by Scarlett Grant

Nonsensical Geometry: The Two Love Triangles of Jane Eyre, by Rachel Kovaciny

For the Love of a Musketeer, by Kirsty Pearce

A Siren Call: Love in the Pirates of the Caribbean, by Charity Bishop

Collapsing a Triangle: Sense & Sensibility, by Jessica Prescott

Heart vs. Head in Wuthering Heights, by Ashley Yarbrough

Pride, Prejudice, & Deceit, by Veronica Leigh

Shatter Me: A Review, by Melissa Rose Gardiner

Time for Love: Lucy, Wyatt & Jessica in Timeless, by Rachel Sexton

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