May / June 2019: Favorite Historical Figures

This month, we invited our writers to tell us about their favorite historical figure. It was quite a choice for many – after all, if you love history, you come across many heroes and heroines to admire! But over the next two months, we will introduce you to some of the chosen ones.

Posts go live every Saturday morning, and certain Wednesday nights! Grab a glass of iced lemonade or iced tea and delve into recent, ancient, and all the history in-between!


The Sweater-Wearing Good Guy: Fred Rogers, by Caitlin Horton

John the Baptist: The Faith to Step Back From His Own Glory, by Victoria Williams

Master Shipbuilder: The Legacy of Thomas Andrews, by Charity Bishop

A Feeling of Justice: Robert Kennedy, by Jessica Prescott

Quiet Gallantry: Gen. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, by Rachel Kovaciny

Conquering Queen: Matilda, by Rachel Sexton

Eric Liddell: A Still Soul, by Eva-Joy Schonhaar

Johann Gottfried Gregory: The Origins of the Russian Theater, by Marianna Kaplun

The Thirteen Virtues of Benjamin Franklin, by Caitlin Horton

Theodore Roosevelt: Force of Nature, by Kirsty Pearce

Cleopatra, by Scarlett Grant

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