Dystopian & Fantasy [Summer 2019]

You may notice a similar theme in the books and films featured in this issue of Femnista. When evil societies want to destroy its humanity’s soul, they attack books first. Books. The fount of all knowledge, wisdom, stories that teach. Books also feature heavily into the one alternate history submission in this issue, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. The secondary title character is a famous hoarder of books, possessive of their knowledge, and denying of them to wizards and common folk alike. Their knowledge, he believes, should only be for experienced, learned men. In other words, himself! It’s this greed for books that inevitably drives a wedge between him and another wizard of his time, Jonathan Strange.

If you look at history, one of the first methods of those who desire to repress knowledge is to burn books. The Catholic Church burned them in England to stop the Reformation. It only caused “underground” book trades to thrive, since the desire to possess what is “forbidden” is ingrained in all humans. If you want a book to sell, get it banned, boycotted, and surround it with fear. (Such as Good Omens, another book featured in this issue, which I am sure will now do an even more raging business with Christians “after it” as heretical material!)

It’s my hope this issue will introduce you to some books you have never read before, or help you to see them in a new light! After all, knowledge is power.


Asking Deep, Irreverent Questions: Good Omens, by Charity Bishop

The Giver: The Value of Memories, by Ashley Yarborough

The Strange Affair of Fairy-Kind: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, by Caitlin Horton

Dystopian, But Not Depressing: Fahrenheit 451, by Rachel Kovaciny

Circus, But No Bread: The World of Panem in The Hunger Games, by Rachel Sexton

The Power of Words in Matched, by Ashley Yarborough

The Maze Runner: Leaders Three, by Carissa Horton

A Time to Live: A Time to Die, by Eva-Joy Schonhaar

Tapping into the Deep Magic: A Quiet Place, by Charity Bishop

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