Tapping into the Deep Magic: A Quiet Place

Does humanity tend toward pessimism whenever it looks toward the future? When watching and reading dystopian fiction, the answer appears to be yes. These futuristic worlds take place after a disaster of gigantic proportions—an invasion, a plague, a natural disaster. Most of these worlds are atheistic in design and pit their protagonist against overwhelming odds,... Continue Reading →

A Time to Live

Would you live your life differently if you knew the time of your death? For Parvin Blackwater, the heroine of A Time to Die, the answer is ‘not really.’ In the dystopian world of A Time to Die, everyone receives a Clock that tells them when they will die (down to the last second). Parvin’s... Continue Reading →

The Maze Runner: Leaders Three

For the uninformed, The Maze Runner is a dystopian film about a community of boys trapped in a Glade located in the middle of a Maze where the walls change their configuration during the night. In the night, evil creatures called Grievers hunt in the Maze, and woe be to any Glader caught outside the... Continue Reading →

The Power of Words in Matched

 I’ve read a lot of dystopias; I enjoy reading the authors’ “what if” speculations, and I value the repeated reminder of the power of the individual, the value of the individual. Maybe it helps to empower me? Or value others? The Giver was my first and favorite dystopia. I’ll always treasure the story’s value to... Continue Reading →

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