Sept / Oct 2019: The 1940s

The 1940s bring a lot of things to mind. Glamorous Hollywood starlets. Fabulous hairstyles. Some of the most memorable movies of all time. And of it, of course, looms the Second World War. This issue of Femnista explores a little of everything, from a veterinarian in the British downs to the dirty streets of New York city, to the harrowing adventures of Glider pilots. We hope to introduce you to some new favorites, and commemorate some classic films. Enjoy.


The Fabulous Forties: Romanticizing a Harrowing Period, by Jessica Prescott

Were They The Best Years of Our Lives?, by Rachel Kovaciny

As Time Goes By: The Legacy of Casablanca, by Rachel Sexton

The Time Capsule, by Caitlin Horton

All Creatures Great And Small, by Charity Bishop

Daughters of Fortune: WWII in Fiction, by Kirsty Pearce

The Gliders: WWII’s Unsung Heroes, by Veronica Leigh

The Ship of Souls: Salt to the Sea, by Jessica Prescott

Deceiving Appearances: This Gun For Hire, by Rachel Kovaciny

Dysfunctional Family Loyalty: The Godfather, by Charity Bishop

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