The Power of Music (Jan / Feb 2020)

Music is a powerful form of storytelling. Several bars from a meaningful piece can arouse emotion in the audience, even without lyrics. This issue celebrates memorable songs, composers, musicians, and films with unforgettable soundtracks. Listen in, maybe you will find your new favorite.


Over the Rainbow, by Veronica Leigh

Let It Be: How Yesterday Fails to Change History, by Jessica Prescott

The Secret Sisters, by Olivia R

It is Well by Horatio Spafford, by Ashley Yarbrough

Musical Storytelling in The Firm, by Eva-Joy Schonhaar

The Harmony of Forgiveness: Music and Lyrics, by Charity Bishop

History Through Music: Savage Songs from Horrible Histories, by Kirsty Pearce

The Sound of Imagination: The Music of John Williams, by Rachel Sexton

Falling for a Voice: Bobby Darin, by Rachel Kovaciny

It’s (Not) Just a Phase: My Love Affair With Opera, by Jessica Prescott

The Whole World in a Song, by Marianna Kaplun

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