Good Omens

by Ashley Yarbrough Crowley (aka Crawly, a dig at losing his legs in the Garden of Eden) and Aziraphale were both created as angels during the beginning of time. However, Crowley “did not so much as fall as saunter vaguely downwards,” leading him to become a fallen angel but hinting to the reader his lack... Continue Reading →

Brothers in Crime Fighting: Danno and McGarrett/Don and Charlie

By Kirsty Pearce The friendships in this article will shine a quick spotlight on are two of the most well-written, entertaining, and endearing ones I have come across in my many years of TV watching. Both are at the center of a crime drama. Numb3rs focuses on two very different brothers and their journey towards... Continue Reading →

Anne and Diana

By Veronica Leigh The Urban Diction describes the term kindred spirits as: two people that make a special connection by sharing a bond that has joined them by the means of an experience that has drawn them together on a higher level of consciousness. We often spend our lives searching for that one special person who understands us and whose... Continue Reading →

42: A Partnership That Changed History

By Charity Bishop I am not “into” baseball or any other sport, but 42 is one of my favorite movies, because of the powerful way it shows how two men’s courage and moral fortitude broke the color barrier in baseball. Though they are not “friends” in the movie, Rickey’s stalwart support, moral strength, and sheer... Continue Reading →

Just Friends [March / April 2020]

Many stories focus on romantic entanglements, but some of the most endearing tales showcase a beautiful friendship that is nothing more two people finding a kindred spirit in each other. In this issue, we explore some of our favorite friendships... and hope you discover new ones along the way. New articles drop every Saturday and... Continue Reading →

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