Just Friends [March / April 2020]

Many stories focus on romantic entanglements, but some of the most endearing tales showcase a beautiful friendship that is nothing more two people finding a kindred spirit in each other. In this issue, we explore some of our favorite friendships… and hope you discover new ones along the way.

New articles drop every Saturday and sometimes, on the days in-between. I have linked them all, but the links will not be clickable until 10am that day.

In This Issue:

42: A Partnership that Changed History, by Charity Bishop

Anne and Diana, by Veronica Leigh

The Wings of Friendship: The Characters of Beaches, by Rachel Sexton

Brothers in Crime Fighting: Danno and McGarrett/Don and Charlie, by Kirsty Pearce

Good Omens, by Ashley Yarbourgh

What a Difference a Day Makes: When Jack Aubrey Met Stephen Maturin, by Rachel Kovaciny

The Importance of Brotherhood in The Outsiders, by Eva-Joy Schonhaar

For His Friends: Sacrificial Love in The Raven Cycle, by Jessica Prescott

Stranger Things: Ketchup and Mustard, by Carol Starkey

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One thought on “Just Friends [March / April 2020]

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  1. Friendships are so important!

    Looking forward to reading about Aubrey and Maturin [the Master and Commander got me back in 2003 as a film and I read a O’Brian book some years later – 2008/09/10].

    Beaches and Stranger Things are going to be big for different reasons…

    And my 2016 self – not to mention my 2020 self – will love THE OUTSIDERS.

    “Please check in every Saturday”. That never sounded so good.


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