Lark Rise to Candleford: A Woman Named Dorcas Lane

By Charity Bishop One of my favorite female characters lives the charming town of Candleford, on the edge of the small community of Lark Rise. Her name is Dorcas Lane and she runs the Post Office. Dorcas is a romantic, a meddler with tact, and a woman who loves every one of her too-many-to-count “one... Continue Reading →

A Love Letter

By Jessica Prescott I opened the Word document and started typing, tears already stinging my eyes. “Dear Mrs. Knight …” It was eight thirty on a school night. My backpack was crammed with homework, but it would have to wait. I burrowed into the pillows and poured out my words, trying to see the bright computer... Continue Reading →

July/August 2020: Connected by Words

Words have power. To hurt. To build. To destroy. To uplift. Some people remember only the unkind things said to them. Others focus on the positive. But across the centuries, words have connected us—in songs, in poetry, and above all, through letters. Before text messages, famous authors, presidents, and ordinary friends exchanged letters. Waited weeks... Continue Reading →

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