Sept/Oct 2020: Fairy Tales Issue

If you grew up on Disney fairy tales, you might have a different memory of them than if you cracked open Hans Christian Anderson or the Brothers Grimm. Disney had a tendency of… sanitizing them and giving them happy endings, because no one wants the Little Mermaid to fail, or for the Evil Stepsisters in Cinderella to slice off their heels to fit in the glass slipper. Right?

Fairy tales used to be cautionary tales, both to scare children and to drill moral values into them. Told orally and then written down, they have become part of our human consciousness. We continue to tell and retell them, often with a spin, throughout the ages. In this issue of Femnista, we explore some memorable ones, the origins of others, and a few you may never have heard before, in quite the same way.

Enjoy! Articles go live on the dates noted:


Sept 3: Don’t Go Into the Woods: Hansel and Gretel, Witch Hunters, by Charity Bishop

Sept 5: Petrnus and Catherine Gonsalvus, by Veronica Leigh

Sept 12: Grimm: What if Fairy Tales Were Real?, by Kirsty Pearce

Sept 19: Happily Ever After: Snow White’s New Adventures, by Marianna Kaplun

Sept 26: Jane Eyre: A Rags to Riches Fairy Tale?, by Ashley Yarbrough

Oct 1: Thanks, Prince Ivan: The Death of Koschei the Deathless, by Jessica Prescott

Oct 3: The Book of Lost Things, by Carol Starkey

Oct 10: The Power of Fairytale Retellings, by Eva Joy S.

Oct 17: The Hidden Depth of The Princess Bride, by Olivia R.

Oct 17: Skin Deep: Beauty and the Beast, by Rachel Sexton

Oct 24: “Falling Snow” by Skye Hoffert, by Rachel Kovaciny

Our next issue: join us for Halloween Week, featuring love obsessions!

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