Past Life, Past Death: Fixation in Dead Again

For many people, the scariest thing is not the supernatural monster waiting in the dark, but the darkness waiting in human nature. That someone we think we know could turn out to be evil is the most frightening possibility. Intensity of emotion makes us human, but when taken to extremes, this leads to danger. An... Continue Reading →

A Star Wars Fairy Tale: Dyads in the Force

The trope of a pure and innocent heroine pursued by a man drowning in darkness has lasted for generations and shows up in many stories, from The Phantom of the Opera to Beauty and the Beast, to Professor Snape and Lily James in the Harry Potter franchise. It also appears in the classic stories of... Continue Reading →

Tangled: Obsessive “Love”

I love you. I love you more. I love you most. The above lines sound sweet, if a little sappy. They sound like something a mother might say to her child, and indeed, they’re what Mother Gothel and Rapunzel say to each other in Disney’s Tangled. But there’s nothing sweet about this relationship. After a... Continue Reading →

A Japanese Lesson in Romantic Obsession

The word obsession translates to shuuchaku しゅうちゃく in Japanese and is a staple theme in most Japanese entertainment. In fact, many relationships in Japanese films start because of a persistent obsession from one of the lead characters. This is a good thing, otherwise the Japanese characters might never marry. I find it funny that obsession... Continue Reading →

“Falling Snow” by Skye Hoffert

What if Snow White wasn't a princess? What if she had no royal heritage, no famous or important parents, no special lineage, nothing remarkable about her at all... except WHO she IS? She, herself, deep inside. The person she is, with her own talents and shortcomings, hopes and dreams, fears and failings. What if she... Continue Reading →

Skin Deep: Beauty and the Beast

For centuries, the stories we know as fairy tales have been both entertainment for children and part of their maturation into adolescence. The plots and character types of these narratives are universal and timeless. However, the patriarchal nature of human society lends these tales some underlying themes only illuminated through a modern lens. The adaptation... Continue Reading →

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