Halloween 2020: Obsession and Film Noir

Obsession. It can lead you down a dark path or toward the light. It’s easy to form one—for a person, a place, a task… but these fanatical thoughts can either turn dangerous or transform you into a better person. In this issue, we focus on memorable “obsessive” dynamics on film, as well as explore some of the memorable aspects of film noir. Please join us over the next seven days as we unpack these stories. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your next obsession…


Oct 25: A Japanese Lesson in Romantic Obsessions

Oct 26: The Film Noir Features of Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Oct 27: Across the Stars: The Ill-Fated Romance of Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala

Oct 28: Obsessive “Love” in Tangled

Oct: 29: A Noir Rhapsody in Blue: The Blue Dahlia

Oct 30: A Star Wars Fairy Tale: Dyads in the Force

Oct 31: Past Life, Past Death: Fixation in Dead Again

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