The Hidden Depth of The Princess Bride

[Spoilers throughout.] What if I told you the real story of The Princess Bride was not about Buttercup and Westley? Or Inigo and his revenge? What if I told you that, instead, the heart of this fairytale lies in the “real world,” in the parallel plotline of a little boy hearing it for the first... Continue Reading →

The Power of Fairytale Retellings

Fairytales are all but ubiquitous to our modern culture, thanks to Disney’s princess films. But even with their importance in the cultural landscape—and, let’s face it, their entertainment value—some people look down on fairytales, princess movies, and suchlike. They wonder why fairytales are still relevant when they’re ‘just’ a bunch of fantastical stories that don’t... Continue Reading →

The Book of Lost Things

I’ve always loved fairy tales. Some of my favorite memories involve pulling the thick brown volumes that had belonged to my grandma off the shelf and reading in my room for hours. I enjoyed animal stories and the quests of Greek and Roman gods as well, but I’ve always gone back to fairy tales. As... Continue Reading →

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