And Then There Were None

Have you ever watched something and hated it? Sat on it for two days, watched it again, and loved it? That happened to me with And Then There Were None, a recent miniseries based on Agatha Christie’s standalone novel about a string of unsolved murders on a remote island. The setting is sinister, and the... Continue Reading →

Pleasantly Surprised by Sense and Sensibility

I’ll admit it, I was skeptical. After all, I was practically raised on the brilliant 1995 Sense and Sensibility with Emma Thompson. How could this BBC miniseries match that? Did you SEE the actor they picked to play Willoughby? But I reluctantly agreed to watch it and ate every one of my cynical thoughts. I... Continue Reading →

Stephen King’s It

When you hear about Stephen King’s It, do you think of a scary, homicidal clown? I think most people probably do, especially with the release of the newest movies, It: Parts One and Two. In case you haven’t read the book or seen the movies, the story is about a killer clown who targets kids.... Continue Reading →

Forever in The 10th Kingdom

In today’s television landscape, the “limited series” is prevalent and has entered prestige territory, with top-tier actors and awards glory. Decades ago, however, the miniseries was a staple television event. There used to be specific months (November, February, May) when ratings got recorded to translate into advertising dollars. Those “sweeps” months often featured a miniseries... Continue Reading →

Memorable Miniseries

From mini mystery series to historical dramas and literary adaptations, for years, filmmakers and screenwriters have entertained us with the miniseries—an episodic formula that allows us to get to know a series of characters over two, three, or even ten or twelve hours of weekly installments. In this issue of Femnista, we celebrate some of... Continue Reading →

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