Strictly Ballroom—A Kaleidoscope of Possibilities and Color!

From the brilliant mind of outlandish Australian director Baz Luhrmann, this iconic 1992 film (the first in his famed Red Curtin Trilogy), is one I’ve felt a strong connection with for many years. Mostly tied to some of my best high school memories (I received it to study in class), independent of that, it’s also... Continue Reading →

‘90s Ever After: While You Were Sleeping

Hollywood has always provided audiences with love stories, both happy and tragic, but a romance with a generous amount of humor constitutes its own genre. From the years of classic studio filmmaking to the bright pop of the 1960s to today, romantic comedies have enjoyed significant popularity, and the decade of the 1990s was a... Continue Reading →

The Shawshank Redemption

When you first think of Stephen King, what comes to mind? Is it a scary clown or the monster under your bed? He’s known as the king of horror for good reason, but he didn’t get where he is by being a mediocre storyteller or caring only about what scares his readers. That shines clearly... Continue Reading →

Escaping Injustice: The Fugitive

All my life, I’ve felt drawn to stories about people unjustly thrown in jail who then escape. This may have started with the 1973 animated version of Robin Hood and the big jail break section where Robin Hood and Little John break all the other animals out of Prince John’s prison, where they’re being held because they... Continue Reading →

Death and Growing Up in My Girl

Vada Sultenfuss has lived her first eleven years surrounded by death. Her father owns and runs a funeral home, and he talks about cadavers and funerals with his daughter (and anyone else who might be around) as though that’s a perfectly ordinary topic of conversation. Which, as a funeral home director, maybe it is. Nevertheless,... Continue Reading →

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