Close Encounters of the Third Kind

When I look back on my childhood, several movies stand out: the Indiana Jones trilogy, the original Star Wars trilogy, E.T., The Princess Bride, and several others. But among them is also Close Encounters of the Third Kind. It hovered there in the peripheral, just out of sight and like a little itch I couldn’t... Continue Reading →

One Family, Lost in Space

I cannot think of anything worse than the idea of being trapped inside a ship, lost in space. Surrounded by a hostile ‘void’ without oxygen, and your own slowly being used up by breathing and talking. And yet, time after time, movies and television shows take us there, to the edges of the galaxy and... Continue Reading →

A Moral Dilemma in Ender’s Game

Ender’s Game is one of my favorite novels because it’s written for middle schoolers/young adults, but it treats them like adults, just like the characters in the book, because it deals with such a tough topic: moral dilemma. Ender gets forced into situations where he battles enemies, friends, and—in what I feel is the most... Continue Reading →

Into the Black: Firefly and its ‘Verse

Outer space is a place of unknown mystery that is still being actively investigated, which makes it a place of unlimited possibilities that provides a fertile setting for creative on-screen storytelling. One immensely famous TV series called space “the final frontier,” which illustrates how the human imagination links it to another unexplored, dangerous place: the... Continue Reading →

May / June 2021: Space

Space… full of infinite possibilities, “the last frontier,” somewhere mankind looks forward to in expectation but also trepidation. Many wonderful books, movies, and television shows take place in this endless void full of … stars, aliens, planets, and strange encounters. Some of them come to earth to visit us, and in others, we reach for... Continue Reading →

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