May / June 2021: Space

Space… full of infinite possibilities, “the last frontier,” somewhere mankind looks forward to in expectation but also trepidation. Many wonderful books, movies, and television shows take place in this endless void full of … stars, aliens, planets, and strange encounters. Some of them come to earth to visit us, and in others, we reach for the stars. Come with us and explore, discover, and revisit some of our favorites.

Articles go live on their release dates:


May 8: Into the Black: Firefly and its ’Verse

May 15: A Moral Dilemma in Ender’s Game

May 22: One Family, Lost in Space

May 29: Close Encounters of the Third Kind

June 5: Starbuck is the Traumatized, Twisted Queen of My Heart (BSG)

June 12: The Mandalorian: Cowboys in Outer Space

June 19: Maveth: Planet of Death (Agents of Shield)

June 26: All of Time and Space: The Escapism of Doctor Who

Please check in with us each Saturday for new content!

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