July / August 2021: Heroes

What does heroism mean to you? Do you see a family member as heroic, for fighting cancer? Do you look to the pages of history to find heroes who championed causes? Do you look up to someone in your life, who is making a difference? Or do you prefer to find your heroes on the big screen in the form of Marvel action heroes? Are you heroic? How do you define heroism?

All of us have people we admire and look up to, and we’ve gathered some of them in this issue. So sit back and enjoy our exploration of heroic figures (in our eyes) and what makes them so amazing!

Each article goes live on its assigned date.


July 3: The Founding Fathers: Imperfect Heroes

July 10: Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Trilolgy: A Conflicted Hero for the Superhero Cinema Era

July 14: A Measure of Mercy: The Heroism of Frodo Baggins

July 17: A Steadfast Hero: Henry McCord

July 24: Irena Sendler

Jul 31: Notorious Dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Aug 4: My Heroes

Aug 7: Higher, Further, Faster: Captain Marvel

Aug 14: Hercules: The Nature of a Hero

Aug 18: True Heroism: Mal in Firefly

Aug 21: A Quiet Hero Will Have the Loudest Actions: Mariam in A Thousand Splendid Suns

Aug 28: True Hero: Quest for Camelot

Please join us next month for another amazing issue!

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