Not Another Vampire Movie: Dracula Untold

There’s no sense retelling a story if you’re just going to tell it the same way it’s been told before, is there? Remakes and retellings and reimaginings are everywhere right now. On a whole, I’m a fan. I love seeing a classic story or legend given a new setting or a new twist. To me,... Continue Reading →

How to Become a Dreamer: The Princess and the Frog

1912. Louisiana. New Orleans. Aspiring chef Tiana meets Naveen, Prince of Maldonia, and they begin an exciting adventure together. Or will they wind up croaking together in the same swamp? What does the era of jazz and foxtrot have in common with the old German fairy tale about the Frog Prince? A lot, thanks to... Continue Reading →

Taming Things: A Modern Shrew

Stories which last from generation to generation usually do so because they are good, and very few wordsmiths can boast more longevity than William Shakespeare himself. This means he often updated to a modern setting. Because Shakespeare was writing over five centuries ago, it’s inevitable that public attitudes towards many things have changed and contemporary... Continue Reading →


Troy was a story I thought I understood. A bunch of men in armor charge up on a beach, spend ten years parked at the base of a city trying to get in, and eventually breach the walls through Odysseus’ trick of a big wooden horse full of military men. Simple. Tragic. Devastating. A story... Continue Reading →

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

Pride and Prejudice is a timeless classic, and the basis for many of today’s romcoms. Boy meets girl, boy offends girl, girl hates boy, girl inspires boy to become a better man, boy and girl live happily ever after. There have been countless updated retellings. Countless. You Got Mail is by far one of the... Continue Reading →

Jane Austen, Unrelatable? As If!

When Autumn de Wilde’s adaptation of Emma came out in 2020, several of my friends noted to me, “This is the same plot as Clueless!” I’ve earned a reputation among my friend group as the resident Jane Austen fan, and most of my attempts to persuade them classics are cool got dismissed. We were in... Continue Reading →

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