The Straight Story

David Lynch is my favorite film director. His movies and TV series absolutely blow my mind and influence my perspective on life. The Straight Story is a 1999 biographical road drama based on the true story of Alvin Straight and his journey across Iowa and Wisconsin on a lawn mower to meet his sick brother. I do not want to share too many spoilers here about the plot, so I’ll focus on why I love this story so much.

Inspirational: David Lynch is a master of storytelling. This story is truly inspirational, as it shows that everything is possible if we are determined and open-minded. Alvin is a simple rural guy; he is elderly and faces many challenges in life. Alvin’s story warms my heart. I can easily relate to his life situation and challenges. Lynch delivers a message here that if we have an important goal in life, we need to persevere, no matter what. Life is challenging, unpredictable and sad, yet it’s up to us what we do with it. We always have options.

David Lynch Mood: David Lynch creates a dreamy, contemplative, meditative mood for the movie. Some scenes are slow to demonstrate Alvin’s internal. I can almost imagine his feelings and thoughts as I watch it. The soundtrack by Angelo Badalamenti creates feelings of love, nostalgia, and connected-ness with nature.

Existential Themes: we watch movies hoping to get an answer to important questions. This movie raises a few existential themes, including life and death, the meaning of life, and the importance of family relationships. Alvin is a hero in so many respects. He changes a lot as a character throughout the story and finds answers to his important questions in life.

Road as a Metaphor of Life: this plot is a typical voyage and return story. Alvin departs from his town on a lawn mower and moves to a completely new world full of dangers and adventures. Yet, we understand that the biggest transformation happens within Alvin at a deeper level of his consciousness. During this voyage, Alvin gained forgiveness, love, understanding, and respect. He became a different person. He trusts the world around him to help him achieve his goal.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Alyona lives in Melbourne and is a blogger, writer and educator. Read her blog!

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  1. Great article! My gosh, I LOVE this movie. The message is bittersweet, and no matter how many times I’ve watched it, I end up sobbing throughout.

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