Future Themes

Here are our future themes. Multiple submissions welcome. Think outside the box.

Halloween: The Victorian Era

Submission Deadline: October 20th.

The height of British sovereignty, set by Queen Victoria (other nations also welcome).


CLAIMED: Far from the Madding Crowd, Sherlock Holmes, Mary Phinney (Mercy Street), Steampunk Fiction, Mary Seacole, Joseph Merrick, The Turn of the Screw. Spots open. Claim soon!

SUGGESTIONS: Victorian-era authors (Charles Dickens?). Why women used male pen names during this era. Fashions and how they changed with Victoria, the trends she started (white wedding dresses), Victoria herself, Sherlock Holmes, French fashion during the period, and the many books, films, and miniseries set then.

Nov/Dec: Past & Present

Submission Deadline: Oct 16th.

Stories that transcend time, history, and its influences.


CLAIMED: Village Gretna Green, Back to the Future, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Doctor Who: The Girl in the Fireplace, Death in The Book Thief, Dead Again, The Man in the High Castle, Henry Morgan from Forever, Jules Verne, A Wrinkle in Time, Outlander. Spots open. Claim soon!

SUGGESTIONS: The Time Traveler’s Wife, individual adventures from Doctor Who, stories featuring time travel, time machines, or futuristic events, how time altered public opinion, how things are different now then they were then. General topics welcome — films set in the past or present.