Future Themes

Here are our future themes. Multiple submissions welcome. Think outside the box.

May/June: A World Re-Imagined

Deadline: April 17, 2018

Legends, myths, and stories that have been re-envisioned over time; movies that have been remade with significant differences, even re-interpretation of historical events and/or religious beliefs.

SUGGESTIONS: Tristan & Isolde, Romeo & Juliet, the stories of King Arthur and Camelot, the religious beliefs of the saints, Martin Luther, Erasmus, and others; any novel based on a myth that re-interprets it (for example, Percy Jackson); any film or television remake.

CLAIMED: Robin Hood, The Great Gatsby, Tristan and Isolde, The Lion King, The Legend of St. Dorothy, Maleficent, King Arthur, The Shape of Water.

July/Aug: Attend the Revolution

Deadline: June 17, 2018

Social and political uprisings throughout history, film, and novels.

SUGGESTIONS: the American, French, and Russian revolutions; stories set during a period of rebellion or upheaval; artists, individuals, novelists, etc., alive during the period; the leaders who inspired and/or suffered from these uprisings; films set during political, religious, or social uprisings.

CLAIMED: The Russian Revolution (the Jewish people), The Terminal, Doctor Zhivago, Olympe de Gouges, Marie Antoinette, 1916 Easter Rising (Joseph Mary Plunkett), Taras Bulba (1962).

Sept/Oct: Of Art & Literature

Deadline: Aug 17, 2018

Famous and fictional artists, poets, and writers who inspire you.

SUGGESTIONS: Jane Austen, Ernest Hemingway, J.K. Rowling, Terry Pratchett, Van Gough, Michelangelo, etc. Anyone who RESONATES with your soul.

CLAIMED: Fanny Burney, Charles Dickens, Terry Pratchett, C.S. Lewis, Shakespeare, Chaim Potok, Raymond Chandler, J.K. Rowling.

Halloween: Sherlock Holmes

Deadline: Sept 17, 2018

Exploring the films, stage performances, actors, short stories, themes, pastiches, and adaptations of the world’s first Consulting Detective.

SUGGESTIONS: Choose a specific story, novel, character, or theme (the friendship between Watson and Holmes, Irene Adler, what the original stories says about deduction, its origins, the author, etc).

CLAIMED: Murder Rooms, Molly/Sherlock, Irene Adler / James Moriarty (Elementary), The Adventure of the Lion’s Mane, the Importance of Playing Doctor Watson Correctly.

Nov/Dec: An Age of Innocence

Deadline: Oct 17, 2018

Stories about children, for children, or inspired by children…

SUGGESTIONS: Reunite with your inner child. =)

CLAIMED: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, The Spook’s Apprentice, Beetlejuice, A Little Princess, The Neverending Story, Harry Potter & the Cursed Child, The Kitchen Madonna, Ramona Quimby.

Comment here or send the editor an e-mail at femnista at charitysplace.com to sign up.

Please adhere to our deadlines, since the editor has a busy end-of-the-month schedule.


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