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Future Themes

Here are our future themes. Multiple submissions welcome. Think outside the box.

May/June: Exotic Nights

Submission Deadline: April 16th.

Tales of the Ancient and Middle East, India,and the Orient.


CLAIMED: Aladdin, The Sultanate of Women, 1001 Nights, Wu Zeitan and the Enheduanna, Christians in the Arabian Nights/Islamic Empire, The Shadow, Saddako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, Arabian fairy tale. Spots open. Claim soon!

SUGGESTIONS: Essays on the famous stories of the middle east (Arabian Nights), films, books, and stories set in any of the regions, famous children’s novels set in India, the history of the Sultans, Lawrence of Arabia, Chinese trade in the middle ages, the Geishas, WWII’s impact on Japan, etc.

July/Aug: Westerns

Submission Deadline: June 16th.

Past and present westerns, a study of American western history.


CLAIMED: High Noon, 3-10 to Yuma (remake), Anne Oakley, Calamity Jane, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, the transition in western storytelling from focus on one lone hero to a group of heroes, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Pony Express, Blazing Saddles. Spots open. Claim soon!

SUGGESTIONS: Why were westerns popular? The most famous western writers of all time. Lessons we can learn from the wild west. Famous historical cowboys, gunslingers, and outlaws. Women’s roles in the west (how they earned rights first). The influence of settling the west on the Indian tribes. Films or books set in the old west.

Sept/Oct: Powerful Women

Submission Deadline: August 16th.

The women, past and present, fictional and non, who inspired us and shaped history.


CLAIMED: Golda Meir, Isabella of Spain, Jasmine in Disney’s Aladdin, Cleopatra, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Anna May Wong, Jessica Prescott (A Distant Trumpet), Amy Carmichael, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Queen Esther, Eliza Lucas, Sarah Josepha Hale. Spots open. Claim soon!

SUGGESTIONS: any former queen or figure who made a difference, from Margaret Beaufort to Eleanor of Aquitaine. Your favorite female fictional character. The role of women in literature and how it’s shifted over the centuries. Female authors.

Halloween: The Victorian Era

Submission Deadline: October Sept 20th.

The height of British sovereignty, set by Queen Victoria (other nations also welcome).


CLAIMED: Far from the Madding Crowd, Sherlock Holmes, Mary Phinney (Mercy Street), Steampunk Fiction, The Turn of the Screw. Spots open. Claim soon!

SUGGESTIONS: Victorian-era authors (Charles Dickens?). Why women used male pen names during this era. Fashions and how they changed with Victoria, the trends she started (white wedding dresses), Victoria herself, Sherlock Holmes, French fashion during the period, and the many books, films, and miniseries set then.

Nov/Dec: Past & Present

Submission Deadline: Oct 16th.

Stories that transcend time, history, and its influences.


CLAIMED: Village Gretna Green, Back to the Future, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Doctor Who: The Girl in the Fireplace, Death in The Book Thief, Dead Again, The Man in the High Castle, Henry Morgan from Forever, Jules Verne, A Wrinkle in Time. Spots open. Claim soon!

SUGGESTIONS: The Time Traveler’s Wife, individual adventures from Doctor Who, stories featuring time travel, time machines, or futuristic events, how time altered public opinion, how things are different now then they were then. General topics welcome — films set in the past or present.