The Flower of the Orient

How does Jasmine differ from other Disney princesses?


Part of the Disney World: The Changes of The Little Mermaid

JAN / FEB 2014: BY RACHEL SEXTON From it’s early beginnings with short films about a mouse named Mickey to it’s latest three-dimensional features with the Pixar company, Disney is known for it’s animated work. This monopoly on cartoons has made the name Disney synonymous with family entertainment. Even the live-action films the studio has …

Hakuna Matata

JAN / FEB 2014: BY ELLA G Some movies stick with you forever. You can see them in your sleep. The songs come back with barely a second thought. Take for instance one of my personal favorite Disney classics, The Lion King—I can’t go to the zoo without calling every lion I see Mufasa, Simba, …